WHAT: The Gender Resource Center Campaign is An Ad-Hoc Committee that is calling for a Gender Resource Center to be established at the City College of New York.

HOW: Through the establishment of a Gender Resource Center at CCNY, we aim to have a student and community autonomous space that provides: healing and holistic services for survivors of gender based trauma as well as a space for gender-based organizing.

WHY: The purpose of this proposal is to establish a safe environment for students of all identities and expressions, where they can seek out information as well as counseling on issues such as health and wellness, sexuality, domestic and gender based violence. The current revolving door system that is in place at City College is problematic and does not provide the legally required services and support the students, faculty and community. Health and Wellness Services cycle those in need out after 8 sessions, and that is often far too little time for people to begin their healing process. Public Safety officers do not have proper domestic violence training and perpetuate the heteronormative patriarchal power structures.  

WHEN: Since as early as 2008, students and community members have organized for gender-based services to be made available at City College. Most of that organizing took place in the Guillermo Morales/Assata Shakur Student and Community Center. When the center was seized in the Fall 2013, a vital organizing and safe space was lost.

WHO: In addition to the current organizations involved with this campaign, we are grateful for the people who have organized for this in the past, chiefly Sister Asantewaa Gail Harris and Stephanie Petit Homme – who put out a call for a women’s center as a part of the 2011 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence at CCNY Campaign.


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