This Is It – USG to Vote on the Creation of a GRC on 9/3


The Undergraduate Student Government of City College will be voting on GRC’s ability to have space in the new building. This is crucial for our efforts and we would like to invite all supporters, allies, and organizers to support us and tell USG #WhyWeNeedGRC.

Folks who show up to the event, we’re asking you to make signs explaining why we need GRC, and to hold them up so many voices and experiences are represented as possible. This is huge! and your support is crucial to us successfully securing the space to make our campaign into a reality.

In solidarity,

The Gender Resource Center Campaign;
CCNY Anthropology Student Association
Government & Law Society
Roosevelt Institute at City College of New York
Sister Circle Collective
Students For Educational Rights
Student Mental Health Initiative


3 responses to “This Is It – USG to Vote on the Creation of a GRC on 9/3

  1. Congratulations on this great win! I produce a radio program on women’s issues on WBAI radio and would love to interview someone who has worked on the campaign and can talk about the need for such a center, and your future plans.

    Thanks very much,

    Fran Luck,
    Executive Producer,
    Joy of Resistance, Multicultural Feminist Radio @ WBAI

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