City College Day of Action – April 15th at 3pm



WEDNESDAY, APRIL 15th at 3pm


Join us in front of the administration building at City College for our day of action in solidarity with protests internationally for low wage workers. Students and youth all over New York City are rising up to show that we are united, powerful, and ready to fight economic injustice.

The students believe that the minimum wage should be increased to $15 an hour, and that workers should have the right to unionize without retribution. Students are disproportionately affected by wealth inequality and a lack of social mobility. CUNY students are told that public college is an affordable option, yet many are still dropping out due to tuition hikes, cuts to social assistance programs like TAP and PELL and increasing student loan interest rates. Programs like childcare,emergency scholarships, and counseling services, which were once accessible, are eroding away due to state and federal divestment from public education programs. Through this divestment, college administrations will often make decisions that put profit over people, like the decision to shut down the childcare center without looking for space to relocate the children, without regard to the struggle many student parents face when accessing their education.

In New York City, students come from diverse backgrounds that are influenced by the minimum wage and worker protections. Many people who newly immigrate to America will work in low wage sectors to support their families. Women make up 62% of the low wage workforce. LGBTQ couples raising children are twice as likely to have household incomes near the poverty line compared to their married or partnered non-LGBT counterparts.Transgender people are nearly four times as likely to have household income under $10,000 per year than the population as a whole (15 percent vs. 4 percent). People of color are far more likely to work minimum wage jobs, as they represent 42 percent of low wage workers even though they make up just 32 percent of the workforce. Economic diversity is eroding in our colleges because of the corporate and economic driven interests of our administrations and policy makers, putting profit over people in this respect.

Education should be available to, and serve all who pursue it. When it becomes a privilege for the economic elite, it is our duty to fight against this trend from all fronts possible. Raising the minimum wage is just one step in confronting inequality in New York City. We, the following student clubs and campaigns, stand by low wage workers in their struggle to survive, and will show solidarity with them by participating in their International Day of Action April 15th.
Sponsoring Campaigns and Organizations:

  • The Gender Resource Center Campaign at City College is an ad-hoc committee of different clubs and community organizations that are calling for a Gender Resource Center to be established at the City College of New York. This campaign has been active for 6 years and is vocal about bringing gender justice to CCNY, as well has having survivor centric resources and policies implemented in the college infrastructure. This space would be autonomous from the university, and would be student and community run and led. This space is desperately needed, as it would serve to be a place for workshops, education, counseling and healing, as well as organizing.
  • The campaign for the Morales Shakur Center is demanding for the return of NAC 3/201 to the students and community groups that ran it. The City College of New York had taken the space away illegally October 20th 2013. It was a radical safe space on campus for people of color, women, queer and transgender and working class folks.
  • Save Childcare at CCNY is a campaign led by student parents in the Schiff House, also known as the CCNY Child Development Center. The City College administration is planning to close the Center in June 2015 for renovations. No plans were made by the administration for relocating the Center during the renovation. The College has asked the Center staff to cut off all Federal and state funding and get rid of the belongings of the Center. All of the staff at the Center have been told that their jobs will terminate in June, with no severance pay, and no guarantee to return to their jobs. Student parents are concerned that the Center will never reopen or will be privatized, making it really hard for present and future student parents to complete their degrees and build a better future for themselves and their families. They ask that the College immediately make plans for relocating the Childcare Center while renovations take place, rather than closing down the Center permanently.
  • The Young Democratic Socialists of City College are a newly established campus club of students who want to educate and advocate for democratic socialism. YDS at CCNY is active in the campaign to protect the jobs of cafeteria workers, and in the past has been active in the Resist Rikers campaign.
  • Students for Educational Rights (SER) serves to protect and advance the educational rights of all students within the City College & The City University of New York. Students for Educational Rights has run campaigns and won free printing for students, extended library hours, gender neutral bathrooms on campus, and hosted a slew of resources for students out of the Morales Shakur Center, like the City College Book Xchange.
  • The Student Mental Health Initative is an on-campus organization that provides peer support sessions, while working to generate a constructive dialogue regarding mental wellness, advocating for the end of mentalism. The initiative originated from the dwindling resources on campus that address mental health. The organization calls for better funded, financially unconstrained, long term, and inclusive mental health services within our community
  • LGBT+ Open Alliance is an LGBT+ organization based in CUNY’s City University of New York. They support a variety of individuals from many different backgrounds, and provide a Safe Space for those who need it. They strive to foster understanding, respect, and acceptance throughout the college campus and eventually the larger community. They are dedicated to creating awareness on the issues concerning sexuality and gender identity, and how these issues affect every aspect of society.

If your club or organization would like to sponsor, please visit here and an organizer will get back to you.


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